How Lawyers are Utilizing Blogs Today

Many law firms today have established their own blogs separate from their main websites. Reports have confirmed that they now recognize the essence of a blog in being able to attract more clients and build their credibility both online and offline.

A 2012 survey done by Greentarget, a communications firm, showed that in-house attorneys do trust blogs and that they even read blogs authored by lawyers or firms more than they read blogs by the real journalists. It was also found that more than half of the respondents believe a blog will influence clients in deciding the law firm to hire.


In that same year, the survey noted an increase in the number of blogs published by law firms. Some 68 of the top 100 firms are confirmed to be publishing a total of 272 blogs which is a 74 percent increase from the 2010 figure.

In order for a law firm’s blog to get attention and gain more clients, there are basic steps to be considered. The main goal is to provide engagement with one’s target audience and this can be done by creating a specific strategy covering the content you’ll be posting, the frequency of posting and replying to feedback.

Identify your specific field. A good strategy is to identify and promote your firm’s specialization instead of a using a general name. An example would be “criminal defense lawyer blog” focusing on information related to crimes and how they’re being resolve by authorities. Other examples would be divorce lawyers or family lawyers.

By being specific about your firm’s focus, it would be easy to attract readers and clients to your blog and website, according to criminal defense lawyer Daniel Perlman. On first visit and upon seeing your website or blog’s banner, people would know what to expect from your content right away.

Know your target audience. Another important step as well is to determine your target audience. This should include not just your existing and prospective clients but also reporters, publishers, leading bloggers and association leaders who can help you establish your credibility.

Listen to feedback. An effective way to encourage engagement on a blog is to listen to what people have to say and respond to whatever feedback they share. Experts believe listening is more important than content.

Don’t forget to network. Networking is as vital and should go beyond the marketing aspect. Take this opportunity to introduce your firm to new people who can become your potential clients.

Use social media. Make sure to establish your presence in other social media platforms as well. This will ensure greater exposure of your blog and website to a wider audience.

Originally posted on January 10, 2015 @ 1:00 am

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