How to Find High Paying Blogging Jobs Today

Blogging has gone beyond just a hobby today. In fact, it is now the main source of income for many people including moms who opt to work at home while taking care of their family and home at the same time.

Convenience is the major benefit bloggers enjoy these days. Whether they want to be employed full time or opt to be a freelancer, it is possible to work in the comfort of one’s home.

But other than convenience, bloggers also get to freely choose jobs that pay higher than their previous work. The freelancers, for instance, can choose to accept as many jobs as they can accommodate to earn more. Depending on their skills, they are also free to take on other projects.

So how do you get started in finding blogging jobs that pay well? Here are several simple steps you can follow.

Search in the right place

The first step you have to take is to look for websites that offer blogging jobs. You have many choices but be sure you are searching via legitimate sites. You may also search for authority blogs because some of them have specific career pages where the owners post job openings which should have a title “blogger needed” or “web writer needed.”

Once you have found the right sites, find out if the blogging jobs available are what you prefer. If you’re well versed on any topic, you can apply right away but if you want to focus on specific topics, you have to search thoroughly.

Find your niche

If you want to find jobs seen by fewer writers or those that not all writers could do, it’s best to search for niche job boards. This way, you can choose more quality jobs that will allow you to write articles and blog posts in line with your interests.

You can also search directly through websites of companies or organizations that have online publications or blogs. Once you have found the sites or blogs you want to write for, then you can write query letters to pitch your idea for a post and suggest how your article can help their readers. Do also point out your reason for choosing their site.

Ask around

Another way to find blogging jobs is by asking around. Take the opportunity to do this when you attend networking events or through friends who are also bloggers.

You may also ask for referrals from writers in your locality to save you time. You can choose to do this in person or even online.

Originally posted on September 29, 2015 @ 8:00 am

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