How to Start a Blog For Your Business

Being on social media today is a must for businesses. It’s a powerful way to raise public awareness about your products and services and gain more customers moving forward.

It’s true that the use of traditional media still works up to this day but it’s also high time for businesses to incorporate other creative ways to attract more customers and increase revenues. And social media is definitely a great tool to utilize.

Creating a blog is a popular choice among organizations big or small today. This is in addition to making their presence felt on social networking sites. Those who don’t have a staff capable of building a site can utilize a freelance web developer or a company specializing in web development while those who have a background on this can always start their own blog. WordPress, for example, is a widely used blogging platform that offers attractive themes and user-friendly interface.

What Factors to Consider

Platform. The primary consideration when building a blog is the platform to use. There is no doubt that WordPress remains to be a top choice because it’s user-friendly and has various useful plug-ins. WordPress has evolved through the years and today, even those with no technical background (on coding in particular) can create a blog on their own.

Layout design. Another thing to consider when creating a blog for your business is the layout design. This component is crucial as it can make or break your goal of attracting potential customers moving forward.

The less complex your layout design, the better for your site. Using the two-column design is ideal so visitors will be able to easily focus on your blog’s content and not be distracted with too much details.

Content. With regards to the information to put on your blog, do include important details of your business. These should cover your products or services, how your company was born and other interesting stories behind your setting up your business.

Photos. Photos should not be taken for granted as they add to the appeal of a blog. If possible, every blog post needs to have a photo relevant to the topic being discussed. Also, business owners should not forget to post photos of your business logo, physical shop (exterior and interior) if any, your products and other relevant images.

Videos. Videos are also a great come-on as they can easily captivate your audience. It can feature you introducing your business as well as your products or services or your activities and other important events.

Originally posted on March 18, 2016 @ 9:15 am