iPod Touch: Nearly the Perfect Portable Blogging Machine?

There is one device that I have tried a few times, and really would love to have for my own portable blogging needs, and it isn’t the iPhone, but instead the iPod Touch. Why the Touch over the iPhone? Well, that is because Canadians pay through the nose for cellular data connections, and I don’t think the iPhone is worth over three thousand dollars over three years.

I have three laptops currently, soon I will be back to two, and none of them are amazing for blogging while on the go. Their batteries last less than three hours, and they are heavy, noisy and generate enough heat to cook eggs.

I have wanted something more portable for a long time. Something simple, Wi-Fi equipped, with a fairly easy user interface and versatile. The iPod Touch seems like nearly the perfect device for me.

The big issue I have is with how small the input keys are for writing text. I could easily access this blog through the Safari web browser, type up a post, and publish it live, but with the small on screen keys on the iPod Touch, it would probably take me so long to correct the myriad of mistakes, I would begin to cry for a bluetooth keyboard of some sort.

Is there some sort of external keyboard option for the iPod Touch? If so, I would love to know. I think that is the main thing holding me back from purchasing one and using it as a mobile blogging device. I don’t need a huge screen, or a huge hard drive. I don’t need the fastest computer in the world. I just need to be able to do some basic blogging and RSS feed reading when I am at the local coffee shop.

I have been thinking about a smaller laptop, like the ASUS EEE PC, but I don’t think that is exactly what I want either. I really don’t get how no one has come out with a great mobile device that works well for inputting longer lengths of content.

Which mobile device do you use as a blogging machine? Let me know in the comments below.