Latest Publishing Tools Worth Considering

Online publishing has never been as fast and easy as today. With all the advanced tools that exist and continue to be developed, anybody passionate about sharing information on the internet can publish his work on a wide variety of platforms today.

Whether you’re publishing content on your blog or creating ebooks and magazines, there are tools you can use and most of them are free of charge.


For those into publishing magazines on the internet, the OnSwipe 2.0 can be utilized. This content distribution platform promises an out of the ordinary user experience particularly for those using the tablet. Through this tool, users can publish and manage their magazine at the same time.

The latest OnSwipe version is claimed by the people behind it as their most major release so far. It features a more improved user interface, more publisher pages, specific sections for settings and reader accounts, enhanced layout, great effects and new social interface. Once you’re done using the platform, you simply double tap on the tablet o close it.

One major reason why publishers should consider using OnSwipe is the fact that the enhanced platform is now able to capture information about its users. With this feature, advertisers have a lot to gain moving onwards.


Another new publishing tool is called Medium. The main feature of this tool is it groups content including text and images into related collections and then allows not just one but many people to view it or even add to what’s already been written. The collections are classified according to themes and templates.

What it also does is arrange articles with those having the highest user rating positioned on top. This is unlike the usual chronological order utilized by other tools.

With Medium, people are allowed to read content according to the level of contribution they want. And this tool is fairly easy to use, according to the men behind it who are actually the co-founders of Twitter.

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Originally posted on September 16, 2012 @ 2:00 pm

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