Mistake in Not Following My Advice: Always Prepare for the Worst

I have been really under the weather the last two days, and continue to be sick today. Right now, I am kicking myself because I didn’t make sure to have extra content that was timeless and ready to go in case of circumstances making me not able to write content for this site.

In newer blogs like this one, you have to be timely with your content or you will see huge drops in traffic. Yesterday, my traffic was down over thirty percent, and even today, with the great guest post from Steve, traffic is still down by almost half of what it usually is.

It doesn’t take much time for your readers to move on and many only visit when they see a blog has been regularly updated with interesting content. So please, whatever you do, put together a few posts that you can hold in reserve for a rainy day, and, even better, make sure to find a friend or two that can cover for you, as it will keep your blog moving forward.

As soon as I am one hundred percent back to my old self, you can bet that I will be creating a few posts to keep in draft until the next time I feel like this.

Also, a big thank you to everyone wishing me well.