Should You Rent Office Space for Your Online Blogging Business?

Many people think that a great step to take in order to prove their online blogging business is worth its salt is by having a separate office as a headquarters. There’s a good chance that this may actually be the case, but how do you know it will help for sure before signing the contract?

To assist you with this decision, go through the following five mental processes before signing the dotted line – start looking up prices in your area today, make a timeline and decide when the expense will turn into profit, make it a community decision whenever possible, ask if it makes sense for shared resource purposes, and decide if it gives you competitive advantage.

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Start Looking Up Prices

Look up local office space prices. If you don’t balk and have sticker shock after the first glance through, then maybe it’s something you should consider. If rental prices are way outside your budget, then it’s probably not something you should pursue with all that much energy until your bottom line gets a few more dollar signs in it.

Figure Out When the Expense Will Be Worth It

First find out how much it will cost. Then figure out how much extra your blogging business is going to get because you’ll be operating from there. Do the math, and find out when your finances come out black. That will help you make your initial plan much more viable. Finding pro and con lists to fill out will also help you make sense of the potential and possibilities in the near future.

Make It a Community Decision

If there are a number of people in your blogging business that will be affected, let them all have input into the situation. Set up a survey and find out what percentage of people are for the idea, and which ones think they would prefer not to have to deal with an office space outside of the areas that they usually work in.

Does It Make Sense for Shared Resources

If resources are scattered all over, having a single office space can be tremendously helpful. That in itself is one reason that many people choose to have that centrally located place, so they don’t have to fly all over the place to get things done. This can be especially valuable if you have expensive equipment like printers that your blogging service requires, or perhaps some sort of central computers that you all use.

Does It Give You Competitive Advantage?

If having an office space gives you a competitive advantage, then you should rent one. However, if there aren’t any major results that occur simply from having it available, then think twice before putting down the cash.

Originally posted on October 4, 2015 @ 6:40 am

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