The House That Blogging Bought

I have had a few people ask me about blogging, and how far they could go if they chose to make it their career. I have talked about the things I have been able to buy thanks to blogging full time for the last two years, and I wanted to take a second to give a little more insight into one of those things: my house. I want to quickly prove to people that blogging professionally can get you to the things you want in life, and it isn’t just a bunch of people writing diaries online. Blogging is a career that can pay the bills.

The House That Blogging BoughtOur house isn’t a shack, and it isn’t a mansion. It is pretty average of a small three bedroom house around where I live in St. Thomas, Ontario Canada. It is a two story house with over 1200 square feet of living space, not including the unfinished basement. We just recently had our lawn put in. I really enjoyed watching them unroll it all. It was built brand new for us in a newer subdivision and so we got to pick pretty much everything from the color of the shingles on the roof to the type of toilet we wanted.

I am not the first blogger that has been able to afford a house thanks to blogging professionally, as Darren Rowse has bought, sold and bought another house in the past couple of years.

Working hard at producing amazing content can help you fulfill your dreams, especially if they include working from home, traveling, paying some bills, or even buying a house. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You can earn more from blogging than just paying for your monthly coffee bill.

What do you want blogging to buy you? Comment below, or even better, write out a list and put it in a spot where you will see it every day.