Tips For Bringing Traffic To Your Blog

Starting a blog is the easy part of getting going in your blogging pursuits. Even if it’s the most incredibly exciting and original creation there ever was, without marketing to an audience, it will just fade into the background of the interwebs.

Imagine your blog is a vehicle and your audience is the gasoline. Without the gasoline, your vehicle simply will not take off. Once you start bringing in more traffic to your site, the more money you will be able to make and the greater your opportunities. Here are some of the best tips for getting your blog’s traffic into gear.

Join a Blogging Group

Joining a group of like-minded bloggers is a great way to network and learn the tricks and tips of the market. These groups are often known in online terms as “tribes” and can be extremely effective in terms of support.

Usually, these groups are on social media platforms, most commonly Facebook. The luxury of Facebook is that you can post on the group page with a comment or question and promptly get a lengthy conversation going from multiple sources.

Often the administrator of the group will encourage each other to visit each other’s blogs and invite contributing group members to add a link to their content. It’s one of the best ways to build a community of support and grow your audience while simultaneously doing the same service for others.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has a feature to create an ad for your page or blog. You can run the ad for as little as a few hours or for as long as months. The cost is very reasonable and can be adjusted to how much you are willing to spend.

You can adjust your target audience by choosing where you’d like the location to be that you’re targeting, which age group, and males or females. The luxury of targeting your ads can bring in a significant amount of real followers with a genuine interest in your content since you specifically sought them out.

Follow Other Blogs

Sharing is caring! By being an active follower of other blogs, your name will become more visible and people will appreciate your consistent activity encouraging them to visit your blog as well.

It’s important to genuinely interact with other bloggers through genuine interaction rather than using their comments section of their blog to shamelessly advertise for your own. Advertising in this way will turn people off instead of bringing them in, which is the opposite of what you’re looking to do.

Submit Your Content To Large Publications

Many large blogs such as Huffington Post or Scary Mommy regularly accept content from third party writers. This can be a huge break for you if you get published, bringing all those readers to your blog as well.

Originally posted on January 25, 2017 @ 3:24 am