Using Media To Inspire Your Blog And Marketing Plan

People get inspiration from all over the place when it comes to creativity. Maybe you were inspired to start a particular business because of a song you heard, or maybe your favorite TV show inspired you to write your own story about aliens, monster, zombies, or witches. As media inspires you in your daily life, consider how you can use that inspiration in your work life.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to follow in the footsteps of someone on your favorite reality TV show, or maybe you’ll simply be inspired to be a better boss. Here are some interesting ways to use what you see and hear in the media as a way to market your business, through your blog and other online access points.

Look At Popular TV ForTips

It’s pretty likely that you’ve tried something you’ve seen on TV at least once, even if it was just a recipe on your favorite episode of Rachael Ray. Just as HGTV has used many shows to inspire people to start decluttering, DIYing, and even flipping their own homes, so too can TV, and other forms of media, inspire you to blog better and make a marketing plan that works.

When you see something in a TV show that seems to work for that fictional character, try it out. That writer’s idea came from somewhere. You may be able to improve on an idea, or use what you see to inspire something all new.

Post About Things People Care About

People love the latest songs, the newest celebrity gossip, and their favorite shows. Use these topics in your business blog posts. Find out how they tie in with what you are selling and use it.

You likely already know that zombies aren’t real, but the media hype around these undead walking corpses inspired the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to share information on their government website on how to survive the zombie apocalypse. This was their way of capitalizing on something popular, and you can do that too.

Sometimes A Gimmick Helps

If you sell a specific type of product, build a gimmick around everything you post, from your social media banter to your blog articles. Even if it’s simply using avocados in everything you drink or eat, because your business sells avocados. Come up with fun recipes like avocado-tinis and avocado deviled eggs.

People will come back just to see what you’ve come up with next. And if this doesn’t work for your business type, make the gimmick work in the photos you share, like having your mascot posing in different places around your town or around the world.

People like interesting, so keep it interesting and your marketing plan will work.

Originally posted on May 10, 2016 @ 4:06 am

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