What You Can Learn from Three Recent Guest Posts by Me

Recently, I decided to take part in a project put forward by my friends at Performancing. They asked me to be part of their guest blogging extravaganza. I thought it would be fun, and so I selected three blogs from their list that I thought I could do well on, and began writing away.

Geeks are Sexy

The first guest post I worked on was for Geeks are Sexy. This post was about getting cheap wireless access to your Xbox 360, but it works well as a way to get wireless Internet access to other desktop computers in your house as well. Once they published my post, entitled “HOW TO: Cheap Wireless For Your Xbox 360“, both they and I began giving it a nudge on the promotional scene, and since going up, the post has brought in over 12,000 unique visitors to their blog.

It has been linked to by LifeHacker, and many other amazing blogs, and was featured on the Delicious Popular page, thus also being listed on PopURLs, one of my favorite sites.

This post was what I thought to be common knowledge, and honestly, was even more cost effective about a year ago when I first did this to my Xbox 360. Now, many people are commenting about how you can buy a simple wireless bridge for around the same price, and without any of the fun changing of a routers firmware.

Just because you think something is common knowledge and not all that amazing, it doesn’t mean that everyone has heard about it. Sometimes the best posts are the ones that get what you think to be common knowledge out to the masses.

Freelance Writing Jobs

My second and third guest posts were more along the same lines as what I write on eXtra for Every Publisher.

Over on Freelance Writing Jobs, a blog I highly respect, Deborah, put up a post entitled “What Blog Networks Look For in a Writer?

In this post, I thought I would shift the focus and talk about my experiences both hiring and firing writers, including some of what I think are great tidbits on how a potential problogger can entice blog networks, or even just blog owners, to hire them over someone else.

I kept the post simple, but informative, and so far, I have been getting nothing but a positive response from the post.

Sometimes it is best to take time, and search for a new point of view. It can really help your readers, and bring new life into a blog.

Net Business Blog

Over on Net Business Blog, another amazing blog, and one ranked a fair bit higher than me in this niche, I put up a post entitled “Marketing Your Blog in a Saturated Niche“.

This one was very easy for me to write, as eXtra for Every Publisher is in a very crowded niche, and even with all my recent work, I still rank below the 100 mark on 45n5’s Top 100 list.

I do believe that I have made some amazing headway though, thanks in part to my friends, my competition and social networking and bookmarking site.

My post at Net Business Blog is very common sense in many respects, but I think I brought some unique opinions to my points, having just gone through the process. Sometimes the best way to write about something is to personally go through it. I haven’t really owned and operated a blog in a highly competitive niche before. I have written on some, but I didn’t really have to promote them like I do this site.

So far, I haven’t heard much of what people thought of my post on Net Business Blog, but hopefully some people will enjoy it, and use it as a reminder of what they need to do. Reminding people of what they already know, isn’t always a bad thing, especially if you add your own unique personality to the details.


Not only can guest posting be exceptionally rewarding in a networking sense, but also it can allow you the freedom to write outside your blogs own normal niche, connect with larger audiences, and allow you to hone your writing skill and style. With someone else’s graphics around your words, your personality has to shine through more than ever.

Also, I wanted to thank Geeks are Sexy, Freelance Writing Jobs, and Net Business Blog for letting me guest post on their blogs. It was truly an honor.