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Child support is very important whether the parents are living together or not. A child is always a blessing and as such, should be taken care of and raised well until he or she reaches adulthood.

Unfortunately, not all families that a child is born into end up as a whole. Sometimes due to irreconcilable differences and other factors, parents decide to lead separate lives thereby affecting the kids.

The initial stage of separating from your partner can be the most difficult phase but you can always count on the support of your family and friends to help you cope with the situation. You can also seek professional help from a family therapist, a child support attorney and during your free time, you can check for tips and other useful information on the internet.

Child Support

There’s a wealth of online resources on topics related to divorce and child support and some of them are the blogs created by parents and professionals.

National Parents Organization

The National Parents Organization (NPO) is a charitable and educational organization which promotes shared parenting to encourage spouses to take an active role in raising their kids after they go their separate ways. It strongly believes in the important role parents play in physical, mental and emotional well-being of their children.

Among the other objectives of the NPO are to reform the family courts to promote equality among fathers and mothers in raising their chilren and to arrange equal financial assistance particularly after parents separate or divorce.


The DivorcedMoms blog offers articles on everything about the divorce process and related topics including child support. It is a leading online community that aims to connect divorced mothers and enable them to communicate their thoughts, views and experiences with each other. In addition, the site helps moms find expert information and advice on their concerns.

Run by divorce experts and bloggers, the blog accommodates contributions from women who have gone through divorce themselves regardless of their age.

The Child Support Hustle

The Child Support Hustle blog is authored by a parent who claims to have survived adverse situations. It tackles topics on the current child support system in the U.S. with research done by a parent who has struggled with the system for more than eight years. The blog also shares various cases involving child support issues as well as government’s actions on the same matter.

Psychology Today

Psychology Today also has a blog called About Fathers that provide information on parenting and issues involving families. Authored by journalist Paul Raeburn, the blog talks about the new science of fatherhood as well as shares personal views on topics such as fathers, men, boy, families and parenting.

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