Follow Up on The Design Critique

For those of you that keep a keen eye on this blog, you might have noticed a post about critiquing this blog over on Blogging Tips.

There were some amazing comments, including an analysis by Kevin Muldoon, Blogging Tips owner, and I feel really humbled by those that chose to participate.

Kevin drew a little flack from coming up with a set of criteria for entry, but I think that he handled it well, and I look forward to seeing which other blogs get put under the magnifying glass.

The biggest tip for this blog was to work on scaling back advertising, which I have already started, and work on moving items around to give the site a better flow. Many people seemed to enjoy the content, as well as the branding, but overall it seemed like there were many things people thought could be done better.

It is very humbling to have people put their opinion out there, and while I am still digesting some of what they said, I am definitely thinking about hunting down a great designer to take my current branding and help me take the design of this site to the next level. Don’t get me wrong, DesignDisease is absolutely amazing, and I will probably contact them first, but I think this site is ready for another slight design shift.

2 thoughts on “Follow Up on The Design Critique

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  2. Kevin Muldoon

    I think you made a good point about the design not being built with ads in mind.

    I think that your reasoning is wrong in some respects. You state that intend to make money through this blog and thats cool, thats the objection for me and quite a lot of other bloggers too.

    However, it comes across as if you think that more adverts means more money….it doesn’t. Infact, quite the opposite.

    1. You might be losing subscribers because you have too many ads.
    2. Your click thru rates will be reduced because of the volume of ads
    3. It will be harder to sell advertising because the blog is so oversaturated with advertisements.

    As I write this comment I can see a 300×250 above the comment area, a 300×250 ad below the comment area dna a massive 160×600 ad to the right hand side.

    The problem here is definately not the content. You know what you’re talking about and your posts are of a high standard. Which is why I and many others subscribe and visit the site often. However I think that you are losing many potential readers because of the volume of ads.

    For example, one of the replies to the critique was

    “my first impressions of this site is that it is clean, tidy but a spam site.

    i wouldnt read it if i cam accross this site.
    There are way too many ads and not just the amount of ads it is how the content is displayed. it is as if all the site is there for is to get users to click the ads not read the content.”

    Again, perhaps you are right in that you need a new design where ads are placed better. At the moment the main content area feels really squashed together and the ads draw attention away from it. I think it would be good if you can get a design where the content area is increased in size and the ads are placed in a prominent position but not somewhere where the reader feels suffocated by them.

    Also, just have to stress, not trying to be negative. I have learned the hard way that more ads can sometimes be detrimental to a website.

    What I suggest is this :

    * List all of your ads area
    * Write down how much each ad area makes per month

    From this you will get an idea of how to proceed. I honestly think that if you lost most of the banners and just had one central ad area, you would make much more money per month.

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