Lesson Learned: Keep One Consistent Home

One of the biggest lessons that I learned over the past month is that I should really keep one consistent home on the web, and having not done so over the last three years has been to my career and personal branding efforts detriment.

I have moved from site to site, from place to place, and from company to company, and while many people know me rather intimately, in the more general sense, I am relatively unknown.

Attending Blog World Expo, I assumed a few people would know me outside of my normal social circles but that really wasn’t the case. Some people knew the sites I had written on, but most people didn’t know me by name.

If you want to do well online, it is smart to create one place where people can always find you, even if you are working as a blogger for other companies or blog networks. Don’t do as I’ve done and move from place to place or it can become difficult to remember who you are.

Hopefully, over time, I will be able to rectify this error on my part through continued brand building in a wider variety of mediums as those that were doing video podcasts were the most recognized, second came those that did a variety of audio podcasts, and third came us primarily text-only bloggers. So if you want to be recognized, a second tip would be to get your face and voice out on the web as much as possible.