5 Analytics Processes For Better Marketing Efficiency

You, as a marketer, should be screaming for more data. More data – I want more data! That should be your calling card and your siren song. But, data by itself isn’t enough. You need some way to organize and analyze that data in order to turn it into something useful. You need an action plan – to move numbers and statistics, into something you physically do to help out your marketing (and SEO if you’re smart about it).

So, particular types of analytics that you can use to do exactly this with all that gluttony of data that you’re gathering would include voice and messaging analytics packages, website analytics, keyword analytics, financial analytics, and feedback analytics. Together, these will help you be a superhuman marketing force, with numbers to back you up.

Voice and Messaging Analytics

If you or your employees work with a call center, or you participate in call center activities, then you’re aware that time is money, and money is conversations, and conversations can be hard to quantify. At least, they are without the right software analytics package. New developments in terms of recording and analysis of voice and messaging from a central hub now allow you to fix all of the leaky parts of your communication hose. Immediate improvement can be expected once these new analytics are in place!

Website Analytics

If you do any digital or online marketing, then you know that you can inject the results of people wandering through your website into various analytics program as well. Completely for free, you can use Google Analytics and immediately be covered with more statistics than you can shake a stick at, which will allow you to purge your bad online marketing habits and replace them with more reputable and successful ones.

Keyword Analytics

If you research keyword analytics, that’ll take you down quite a rabbit hole when it comes to marketing and search engine optimization as well. With new addendums to Google’s web crawling and algorithmic crime and punishment searches, if you don’t know the analytics behind ‘proof words’ and ‘word clouds,’ then you’re missing out on huge opportunities to be higher on the authority lists.

Financial Analytics

In your overall marketing ploy, time is money, and money is time. So if you want to prop up your marketing bottom line, start and end with your finances. What activities are you doing that make money? What are your expenditures flowing out from? If you naturally correlate your success with your overall income, you’re doing better than most business are!

Feedback Analytics

And every good website, and every good brand, has some sort of feedback loop that they use. It might be email, or survey, or advertising success, or backlinks – but, the better you read the analytics from those feedback processes, the cleaner your overall website presentation is going to be.

Originally posted on July 11, 2016 @ 9:46 am

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