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Kevin Muldoon, owner and editor of BloggingTips has added a new feature called Blog Critiques to his site where the readers will critique blogs in return for some small prizes. The idea of the event is more to inspire creativity, teach each other, and help out bloggers, and I hope people will keep that initial idea alive as they help Kevin fine tune many blogs.

The first blog up for the critiquing process is this one: Reader Blog Critique :

Kevin asked me what main issues I wanted people to cover, and so I gave him my insecure list of questions.

Please, if you have any opinions on this blog, jump on over to BloggingTips, and leave a comment. You have a chance at one in three $10 prizes, or a domain registered at eNom.

Thanks again to Kevin and everyone that comments over on BloggingTips.

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4 thoughts on “BloggingTips Readers Critique Xfep

  1. Kevin Muldoon

    I’m sure you will get a good response. The announcement post I wrote yesterday explaining how it works got a very good response so readers do seem interested in it.

    It will be good to see what suggestions come from commenters 🙂

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