How Using Good Graphics and Web Design Will Improve Your Blog

For a business, a blog is a great way to interact with your clients and prospective customers in a non-threatening and friendly way. And while you may have great content about 3D rendering and design like RenderSmart, or hundreds of blogs around lifestyle themes like Buzzfeed, you are missing out on a huge part of blogging if you neglect the web design and graphics that go along with your blog.

Not only can including eye-catching graphics and natural web design make your blogs easier to read and more likely to be shared around various communities, but these things can also help your blog in three other big ways as well.

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Boost Your Conversions

According to a blog written by KISSMetrics, including eye-catching images can increase time on page, the number of pages visited, and even the amount of sales you make on your site. However, increasing these conversions can’t just happen by putting any image or graphic anywhere on your site.

When thinking about graphics, KISSMetrics explains that you need to be concerned about placement, captions, margins and significance. By keeping all four of these variables in mind when adding graphics and images to your blogs, you will likely see boosts in your conversion rate all over your site.

Fast Learning About Your Company and Industry

If the content of your website in general or your blogs specifically requires a bit pf background knowledge to obtain a full and complete understanding of your product, service or industry, providing the right graphics or design elements can be a huge help on this front.

According to a blog from, using the right graphic or diagrams can help convey meaning that doesn’t have to be explained. This can decrease the amount of time and space you need to teach your customer or client about your company and industry, getting them through the sales funnel faster. By using graphic elements and design to further knowledge, your blogs will be more useful and informative.

Better Branding for Your Business

Making sure your blog has great web design elements can go far for branding your business. KISSMetrics explains that having web design that assists in branding your business will help with brand identity, solidifying your target market, showcasing your values and much more. This can be achieved by focusing on the psychology of your web design rather just what you think looks good. Having purpose and reason behind your web design elements will only add to the effectiveness of your branding.

Improving your blog’s success through stellar graphics and web design elements is possible for any business. By implementing the tips shared above, you can see how beneficial graphics and design is for your own business.

Originally posted on August 5, 2015 @ 2:00 am

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