Why Language Matters: The SEO Consequences Of News and Reviews

Search engine optimization doesn’t just start and stop with your original post. There’s a ton more that goes into it, and those additional factors are often overlooked or passed by in terms of more classical approaches of the standard things like post titles, keyword density, headlines, tagging, and photo titling.

But, after that first pass of appropriate attention, there are lots of new ways that you can keep your SEO score up relevantly as well, and that’s through the handling of news and reviews, and the conversations that can come out of them. Consider the following five categories in order to help you understand why the language of those additions to your post matter significantly.

The Matter Of the Online Review

When people review your company or product online, there are lots of things that happen with reference to your overall SEO score. And what’s interesting is that your score is probably going to go up, and your link is going to be more highly regarded, regardless of what the review actually is. Good or bad, if external posts link to your material, like in the example of a review, that connection builds up your SEO, which is a positive process.

The SEO Of Conversations

And what about conversations that happen after your post down in the comments sections, if you allow for that? This is another good way to generate traffic and better search engine results, assuming that for the most part, people continue on target with the main message of your brand. You can have discussions that are far longer than your original post, and if these discussions have text that relates directly to your keywords, then that will move you up significantly in the rankings.

Linking Products To News

And then, if you can manage to link your material to pages that change dynamically (for instance, a category inside of a website, where new posts continually float to the top), then that constant reconnection is going to benefit you from an SEO standpoint as well. Make sure you link to a legitimate source, and not only will your readers appreciate it, a stronger web connection will make for easier searchability.

Avoiding Penalties

Regularly look up Google penalties when it comes to SEO techniques, though, so that if you do find some sort of naturally occurring language in your posts that would trigger these consequences, you can deal with them accordingly.

The “Most Recent” Phenomenon

And have you ever noticed that there’s a point bonus when it comes to articles and posts that have the most recent publish date? And that people can search backwards for varying degrees of time? Knowing how to reverse engineer that publication date can give you a broader range of search engine result success.

Originally posted on June 8, 2016 @ 2:47 am

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