Hive: A Forum You Should Join

Performancing Hive ForumPerformancing Hive is a forum I am a member of. Before its current incarnation, it was a private, invite only forum that had membership at the upper echelons of blogging in their respective niches. I got invited thanks to David Krug (just so you know why I was there).

Hive is a forum that I really enjoy. People share freely of their ideas, and for the most part, we are all secure in knowing that our ideas are safe, and the group keeps each other in check.

The amazing part of being in Hive is the networking connections I have made, without which I would probably be homeless by now. There are some seriously amazing people that are members of Hive and I have learned so much.

There are even private reports just for Hive members that help us with building authority, creating successful blogs, link building and more.

The forum is $10 per month, but that is to keep those that would leech off of the community or spam from entering, and it has been working just as intended. Hive is an honest, open, sharing community of bloggers, web developers, consultants, graphic designers, programmers and more who are all willing to help each other out.

Hive does have an affiliate program, but I feel so strongly that you all should become members, I won’t use my affiliate link, thus taking away any incentive you might accuse me of. Please, if you think this forum sounds right for you, join today.