nextMEDIA: Who’s Attending?

As I get ready for the nextMEDIA conference in Toronto, I have been slowly going over the list of companies and speakers that are attending, and I am getting really excited. The caliber of people making this conference great, are the upper echelons of the online who’s who, and I am excited to be attending and listening to them talk.

Here are just a small sampling of people that will be there:

  • Leonard Brody, CEO, Now Public
  • David Carson, Co-CEO,
  • Joe Casale, CEO, Casale Media Inc.
  • Mathew Ingram, Technology Columnist, The Globe & Mail
  • Will Pate, Community Evangelist, ConceptShare
  • Bryan Segal, Senior Director, Comscore Media Metrix
  • Dick Soule, Head of International Sales, YouTube

While I have seen Will Pate at a few events in Canada, I hope that this time I get a chance to speak to him. I also hope to have a chance to talk to Mathew Ingram, a great guy with an interesting job. I am actually a little nervous to be going to such a conference, though I have a feeling that I am still not well known enough to get “noticed”.

I remember when I went to my first web-related conference, one person recognized the company I worked for and called me “the guy that works for the guy that bought Scrivs’ sites”.

I hope to see some friendly faces, and I hope the event goes well. How can anyone get sick of going to conferences?