Teaching Sells: I’ve Signed Up

Teaching SellsSo, I am sure by now everyone has heard of Brian Clark’s new program, Teaching Sells. It is a course that will help people learn to create successful multimedia membership sites. I have a feeling that the majority of those that sign up will not create anything as successful as this training course, but I trust Brian, and wanted to learn more about what all this was about.

After reading the free PDF report he released, I still was concerned that as a professional blogger for the last two years, I wouldn’t be able to learn anything new from Teaching Sells, and even more worrying that I wouldn’t get my $97 worth. Then I read about how the price was going to go up at midnight tonight, and I wanted to be part of it for at least the first three months.

There are already over 500 members active within the service, and if nothing else, I am sure I can learn something from one of the active members, and that alone says something about these private forums. If people are willing to invest nearly $100 into themselves and their businesses online, then they understand the value of information.

If you want to get in before the price increase, that time is now, as there is less than six hours before Brian and team change it from the low price of $97 for three months, to whatever amount they choose.

I will continue to talk about what results Teaching Sells has produced for me, and I look forward with networking with all those that have also joined this training service from Copyblogger.

Originally posted on October 31, 2007 @ 6:54 pm

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