Teaching Sells Members-Only Affiliate Program

Teaching Sells Affiliate ProgramSo, the long talked about Teaching Sells Affiliate program is now live, with only certain members being accepted into its ranks so that you won’t have to compete with all of the over 800 currently members out of the starting gate.

They say that they are only accepting members in good standing, and so while I have been reading all the content, and absorbing it all, I haven’t been communicating much on the forum, and am unsure what the qualifications are for being considered in “good standing”.

We will pay you 50% of the initial sign-up fee (currently $197) when someone joins Teaching Sells from your referral. Plus, we will also continue to pay you 50% of the monthly recurring fees (currently $49) for that subscriber who remains in good standing beyond the first three month period.

Interestingly enough, the affiliate page goes on to say what I have already expected, they are holding back content until the three month anniversary of the site, meaning that if you want to continue to get all the great things that they have thought up, you will have to sign up for another three months at the $47 renewal rate.

Sounds like a first rate affiliate program though, and I can see some people, with a huge amount of community clout making a killing off the nearly $100 per new member earnings that are possible.