Unexpected News: 1938 Media Joins Facebook

Loren Feldman has said a few times that he hates Facebook (warning: profanity) and all that it represents (warning: more profanity), and now, not only does he have a profile on the popular social networking service, but he has even made a group with his company name: 1938 Media.

Of course you have to be invited to the group to become a member, but Loren is a good guy, and so as long as you don’t cause any issues, he might let you in.

This is a closed group. Members must be invited or approved by an admin.

He has started posting pictures, little videos, and chatting with the folks in his group. He calls the people in the 1938 Media group Anti-Socialites, which I think suits a fair bit of them, and I don’t find it offensive either. I really enjoy his videos, and I hope Facebook will just make it that much easier for him to post snippets of content to his group members.

Good for him for eating his words and joining the Facebook world.