Where Blogging Can Take You

Deb, a good friend of mine online, has recently announced her own Community Manager position with BlogTalkRadio, which only furthers how I feel about blogging as a career and the transferrable skills that come with it.

I’ve been saying for some time now as blogging reaches the main stream more full time, salaried gigs are going to open up. Corporations will want bloggers and social networking gurus on staff to help spread the word about their products and services. David and I are both proof of that.

Deb Ng is going to be great in the new position, an BlogTalkRadio couldn’t have picked a better person. This has meant changing her freelance blogging routine, but other than losing some of the great content she produced, I couldn’t be happier for her.

Other companies might want to take note of this, and start talking to some talented bloggers before your competition offers them a career first!