Blog Beat Advertising Contest

If you are hoping to get some free advertising on a prominent blog, The Blog Beat has you covered as they run a contest to earn one of two 125×125 pixel advertising spots on their site. eXtra for Every Publisher is entering the contest in hopes of increasing its audience, and if you have a blog that could use the highly focused traffic The Blog Beat brings in, I suggest you enter as well.

Here are the details:

You have the opportunity to be entered to win one of two advertising spots on The Blog Beat for the months of October & November.

Where Are The Ad Spots? The advertising spots are the banner after the first article and a 125 pixel x 125 pixel image on the right side of the blog. One winner will get the banner ad for the first month while the other gets the 125 button ad, and then switch for the second month.

How Do I Enter? Simply link to The Blog Beat from your site. This link could be to The Blog Beat homepage or an article, it just needs to be a link. When the contest ends, I will randomly pick two winners.

With some great tips, and imagery in their posts, The Blog Beat is a great site, and one I highly recommend for bloggers learning the ropes. Check out their full site as well as their archives, and if you are interested in entering the contest, you only have until September 23rd.