Blogger Face-Off Winner!

When Daniel contacted me about being part of his Blogger Face-Off series, I assumed he would put me with someone with a similar background to myself, some relatively unknown blog network backed blogger who had been around for a while, but instead, he put me against a fairly new blogging celebrity, John Cow.

I pretty much thought he would slaughter me in the poll at the end, despite he and I having some similar answers. His blog drives a fair bit of traffic, and he has many more RSS readers. Above and beyond all that though, he is very good at internet marketing, and has friends such as John Chow to help him when in need.

He and I both mentioned the post on Daily Blog Tips on our blogs, but I really wanted to win against him, and thanks to my friends, and readers, I was able to secure a victory over the Cow!

David Peralty wins against John Cow

A huge thanks to everyone that voted, and Tom for letting me know the poll had closed, and I came out on top. This really means a lot to me, as I continue blogging, there is always the question in the back of your mind “does anyone know who I am?”

Thanks again to Daniel of Daily Blog Tips for featuring me. It was a lot of fun.