Domain Giveaway Contest #3

For those of you that have been itching for another domain giveaway contest (see Domain Giveaway Contest #2 and the original Domain Giveaway Contest), that time is back, with the next in the series of domain giveaways. See, I have an issue. I love registering domains, but I don’t have the time to use them all for the grand ideas I have for them, and so rather than let them sit forever, I love to reward my readers with the chance at winning one of the domains in hopes that they will use it better than I did.

All of the below mentioned domains are registered with, and so you will have to have or create an account for me to send them to you. ( as well) (and .net, .info, .biz if you want them) ( as well)

To Enter:

If you want to enter, you have to write a post on your blog about blogging, web marketing, affiliate sales, advertising, or something with a similar focus to this site. Suggestions I have include writing about your history with blogging, blogging software, affiliate programs you’ve liked and disliked, etc…

The post must be over 350 words, I will copy and paste the post into NeoOffice on my Mac to check, and they must link to a post or page on this blog. I might be lenient on the length, but a 200 word post on why WordPress is the best won’t be close enough to be considered an entry.

You must also promote one of the posts on this blog to any of the social networking/promotion sites out there in the blogosphere. I have easy to use buttons at the bottom of every post.

Once you’ve done both things, come back here, let me know where I can find your post, which post you promoted, and which two domains you are interested in. If you select OneBigCanada, DesignRankd or UpRankd, please let me know if you want both, all or just certain ones.

If you have any questions about this giveaway, please let me know. The contest starts today, and ends on the 11th of April.