Domain Giveaway Contest: Nintendo Wii Related Domains

So I have decided to run a little Christmas contest here on this blog, and the prize is one of two Nintendo Wii related domains. While it might be too late to set up a site to capitalize on the Christmas season, Nintendo Wii shortages continue, and that is something that could definitely be capitalized on.

The domains are and They are both currently registered at Godaddy. Neither of these have been used for anything else, and are both very short and memorable.

To participate, all you have to do is link to from a new post, comment here with the URL of the post that links to eXtra for Every Publisher and then list which domain you’d like to have.

You will be put in a list, I will filter out sub-par results, and then the rest will be given a number and put to to decide.

The winning post will be mentioned on this site, and the domain will be transferred over. With my years of expertise in domain appraisal, the value of these domains are both in the millions of dollars.

Contest Ends December 21st, at Noon EST (GMT-5).