Owning an Online Guru for 10 Hours

So, Ryan Caldwell and I have created a little competition in hopes of spurring our weight loss dreams to life. Check out Blogging Weight for more details.

The best part is that if I win, I will have ten hours of Ryan’s time to do whatever is within his power to help me out. I could get him to do silly things like installing WordPress blogs, updating installations, or making him use silly voices in a podcast, but I think I will probably stick to the things I know he can do better than me.

Ryan has had huge successes online with running Performancing, PopCrunch, and College Startup, as well as a variety of other sites, and so I would probably use him as a focused sounding board for about a third of my allotted time, as I look towards building up my own brands online. His skill at monetization would also play a large roll in the time I have with him as a consultant.

I would also be looking at maybe getting some content creation ideas done up, as some of my most successful posts have come from the mind of Ryan Caldwell. He has an innate ability to take something that shouldn’t be all that important, and tweak it into a post that can still give a fair bit of long tail traffic, months later.

What would you get someone like Ryan Caldwell to do for you? What questions would you ask him? I could use some more ideas and suggestions on making the most of his time, if I am able to win the challenge.

Originally posted on March 17, 2008 @ 2:47 pm

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