SEO Tips Every Website Designer Should Know

Search engine optimization is vital to building a successful website, as the concepts of SEO will teach you how to design for optimal positioning in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Your digital content won’t be very effective without at least a minimal understanding of how Google’s search algorithm actually works. Take a moment to expand your knowledge of SEO, and check out a few of the most important aspects you’ll need to know to create an effective website.

Build a blog for content

When you build a website, it’s always helpful to add a “Blog” section for content building purposes. The more quality content your website contains, the longer people will spend exploring your domain.

Your blog can be used for more than just adding a chance for viewer engagement. Your blog can be used to add to your website’s keyword saturation. Here is an example of a great SEO instruction blog.

A blog can give you an outlet to social media, and it is a great way to hear from viewers. Adding a “leave a comment” box at the end of every blog post is an effective way to draw useful information from visitors.

Use tools for choosing keywords

Choosing the most appropriate keywords and phrases for your digital content can be a little challenging without the help of Google’s online tools. Knowing what words and phrases are searched most often will make your content easier to “stumble upon.”

Learn how to use the Google Keyword Planner, Moz’s Keyword Explorer, and other free online tools for discovering what’s hot on the search list for the time. Your content will rank much better when you hit on the most popular search terms.

Mix up your media

When your content contain multiple types of media, it will draw more attention from viewers. The object of creating useful content is to hold the attention of viewers for as long as possible. When you mix up your media, there is more to explore, and exploration is the heart of conversion.

Use high quality images and videos, and don’t be afraid to add social media blurbs and quotes to your blog content. Give viewers something to absorb.

Optimize content for mobile viewing

Mobile access to the internet is nothing to shy away from when designing your website. People don’t sit at home on the computer anymore. The most common way to access the internet today is through a smartphone, tablet, or some other mobile gadget.

Optimize everything you create online to display correctly on the smaller screen of a mobile device. Investigate the proper integration of media queries, and go from there on your mobile optimization journey.

Originally posted on June 28, 2018 @ 7:46 am

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