SEO Tips For Business Web Design

Search engine optimization is the key to moving your business website from the darkness to the light. Without proper rankings in the SERPs, it is quite difficult to draw any attention to your digital creation.

A business website has got to serve its function of presenting the world with what your organization has to offer, but it has to first find its way into the view of web users. Check out a few pivotal SEO tips that will help you to design a more effective business website.

Integrate social media sharing buttons

Social media sharing is free and so is the marketing you get when someone shares your page on their profile. It is simple to include the well-known sharing buttons in your design, and they should never be hard to find.

Anything and everything that could be sharable should have a sharing button. Check out the very bottom of this work injury attorney’s website. They have integrated communication into their design in a big way.

Pay full attention to the metadata

If you don’t already understand the term “metadata,” then you are missing a large part of your SEO vocabulary. The metadata of your web design is found in the added information slots that come along with images and page descriptions.

You want to make it a point to fill in all the blanks with relevant information. The more taggable information your site contains, the easier it is for Google to identify its purpose.

Research popular keywords and phrases

Once you understand how the internet works, you will understand the impact the right keywords and phrases can have on the success of your website. It pays to invest your time and resources into finding just the right keywords and phrases to identify the purpose of your business site.

Take a look at a great example page that displays excellent keyword saturation. Count how many times you see the word “hammock” in the text of the page. Google can easily read that this website has something to do with hammocks.

Create a business blog on your site

There are several reasons you should include a business blog section on your website. Not only does it give people a reason to spend more time on your website, a business blog also gives your website more chances to spread its digital reach.

When you mix your social media sharing buttons, excellent keyword saturation, and a well-written blog, you have a recipe for success.

Use only high quality images and videos

Low quality images and slow loading videos hurt your credibility as a designer in the eyes of the Google search algorithm. Less than stellar quality videos and images will result in lower SERP rankings.

Take the time to find high quality images, and learn the ins and outs of legal usage of those images. You don’t want to make anyone angry by illegally using their image or video to your benefit, so learn the legal ropes.

Originally posted on March 19, 2018 @ 9:13 am

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