Instant Domain Search Tool Review

Nearly every day I have a new idea for a site, and one of the first steps I take is to try to figure out a domain name that is available. Sometimes the domain that would fit my original idea best is taken and so I need to slightly adjust my idea to fit the domain that I can get. I do this so that the branding, and idea are harmonious, but finding available domains can be a pain.

I use the Instant Domain Search website in order to quickly figure out if a domain is available.

Why is this the Best Domain Search Tool?

Simplicity: The design is simple and focuses on the main use of the site, the tool couldn’t be easier to use, and the follow through to register with one of the major registrars is right on the page.

Fast: As you type in each letter of what you want, it checks to see if it is available. This can sometimes result in shorter domains than you originally assumed you could get. It also allows you to change quickly if you find your domain has been taken. You can do a variety of different manipulations quickly, and for me, this usually results in a domain I can be happy with.

Feature Filled: The Instant Domain Search tool not only shows if the dot com top level extension is available, but also the dot net and dot org extensions. I think this was a wise choice on their end. They also give you the estimated or best prices from a variety of different high quality, well known domain name registrars.

They even provide searching over a secure HTTPS connection if you are that paranoid about your domain ideas, and they promise not to record your searches.


If you are looking for a domain search tool, this one has helped me find dozens, but unlike some other services that help you come up with domains, this tool requires your creativity and imagination. I highly recommend the Instant Domain Search website.

Originally posted on September 5, 2007 @ 6:27 pm

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