The Seven Best Blogs: Period

One of the things I am realizing more and more is that people want to find ways to cut through the crud in the blogosphere and get right to the creme of the crop, and it doesn’t matter what you are interested in, there are always blogs that get more attention than the rest, so I compiled a few of the best blogs out there that you should all be subscribed to, even if you aren’t a blogger.

Dosh Dosh

If you really want to understand blogging, there are very few bloggers that teach better than Dosh Dosh. Even blogs ranked higher than this blog aren’t nearly as helpful. His posts about social media, writing style, and advertising are second to none.

A few people noticed that I left this site out of my Make Money Online Blogs You Must Read list, and Maki, the writer of Dosh Dosh was one of them, but what he didn’t understand was that I think of Dosh Dosh as more than just a “make money online” blog, but rather a blog that teaches you how to blog effectively, not just to make money, but to create a business, raise your profile online, or just to have fun.

If you want to understand blogging, and want to be successful making money online, you have to subscribe to Dosh Dosh.

Alexa: 7,436
Technorati: 32


Duncan Riley FTW! Now that I have got that bit of fanboyism out of the way, I can honestly say that TechCrunch is not only a blog that many bloggers dream about owning, with its six figure revenue, and its A-List bloggers, but it also serves a great purpose of letting everyone know about everything going on with web based applications, popular services, and major players online.

You might not think that Michael Arrington is the nicest, or best guy in the world, but you can’t deny that TechCrunch is an amazing blog and highly respected because of the high quality, interesting, and buzz-worthy content it continually produces.

If you want to know what your competitors are doing, or have a keen interest in the whole “Web 2.0” scene, check out TechCrunch.

Alexa: 689
Technorati: 3


TechDirt is one of the first blogs I read consistently online, and it has come a long way in both design and content. It isn’t as edgy as TechCrunch, and so I use this site as my “meat and potatoes” of online information, with the more sensationalist TechCrunch being the “dessert”.

Some of my favourite posts on this blog are in the (Mis)Uses of Technology category.

Another must subscribe to blog. You don’t want to miss a post here, as they cover some of the biggest legal implications in technology and the web.

Alexa: 19,401
Technorati: 215


A Gawker blog, LifeHacker has always been well known as the place to optimize your life. The tips, tricks and articles will help you get through your day, as long as you don’t get sucked into just reading LifeHacker all day. I have been guilty of that a few times.

They cover men’s grooming, energy saving, investing, computer tips, and many more things that will just make your life easier and better.

This is the best lifestyle tips website out there and the inspiration for the now Bloggy Network owned LifeSpy which I started back a long while ago.

Alexa: 1,260
Technorati: 6


Where Dosh Dosh will teach you to think different, and help you learn social media promotion, and other tips and tricks to do well online Brian Clark’s Copyblogger will make sure you understand the importance of a great headline, and writing your articles with style and finesse. This is the number one place to learn copywriting.

Don’t miss out on it or you will fall behind the nearly thirty thousand RSS readers that keep up with the site.

Alexa: 8,147
Technorati: 32


More “Web 2.0” information with Read/WriteWeb, but this one for me fits between TechCrunch and TechDirt. They don’t cover the legal stuff that TechDirt does, and they aren’t as sensationalist as TechCrunch, but they still run the gamut. It is a great site with plenty of amazing reviews, news, and opinions.

They even sometimes publish stories before TechCrunch, and being first, especially in the topics they cover, is important, and impressive. The other great things about this site, no “Tech” in the title, and they have some great opinions on society mixed in with their witty content.

Alexa: 4,755
Technorati: 15

Freelance Switch

Tired of working for “the man”? Freelance Switch has some great advice, resources, and a strong job board. The articles are detailed, and from a variety of people, making the site an amazing resource for anyone looking at starting out making their own mark in the world.

The Freelance Freedom comic alone makes this blog worth subscribing to.

I highly recommend bloggers looking to make a business out of writing online take the time to go through their archives and become an expert in the world of freelance.

Alexa: 12,300
Technorati: 357


If you want to cut through the junk blogs online, there is no real easy way to do that. I notice more and more that the best blogs aren’t always the ones with the highest rank, biggest following, or most money, but instead the ones that have new, interesting, and powerful opinions.

I am sure you all will have blogs that you would have loved to see as part of this list, and feel free to post yours, and let me know about them, but if you are missing any of these blogs in your RSS reader, be sure to subscribe to them now!

Originally posted on December 6, 2007 @ 8:00 am

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