I am Looking to Guest Blog on Your Blog

All opportunities have been taken, I will be responding to people that contacted me with regards to this as soon as possible. Please don’t submit any more requests at this time. Thanks again to everyone.

If you have a blog where you’d like me to post an article, I am looking to guest blog. My only requirement regarding the post, is that I am able to post a single link to the new project I am working on, and other than that, I will write upwards of a thousand words on pretty much any topic that I have experience in.

I am only looking for around ten such opportunities. I can talk about technology, gaming, being a geek, being Canadian, WordPress or of course about blogging full time. If you would like me to guest post on your blog, please use my contact page, and let’s arrange something.

I will write about each of my guest posts here, including a link back to where I wrote it and what I thought of guest posting for each site. I will also try to remember to update this post with links to other posts on this site relating to this, as well as how many opportunities are still available.