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In the blogging industry, there are very few that give you real information that you can use to build your blog into a powerhouse. Some teach, others lead by example, and still others give out ideas that could make you millions of dollars that they themselves haven’t the time to use.

With hundreds of blogs in the make money online arena, how do you do know which ones to follow? I am here to cut through all the crud. There won’t be any spam blogs in this list, nor any blogs that have recently been sold. I want to make sure you have the best blogs to follow.


Problogger – Darren Rowse is an australian who has risen to fame quite slowly, but has deserved all the attention he has created. Darren is a blogging teacher. The way he words his articles, you can tell they have been given significant thought. While I sometimes believe he asks more questions than he answers, getting us to all think is never a bad thing. If you want to become a better blogger, then this is the blog to read.

If you want to make a bunch of money online, you will want to move on to others in this list. While Darren does make a fair bit of money from his blogging efforts, he doesn’t really give away information on how he does it, rather keeping that knowledge closer to his vest pocket, so to speak.

Without Darren’s help, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. One of the best bloggers you will ever talk to.

Shoemoney and/or John Chow

Shoemoney, and John Chow have very similar blogs. I find John Chow pushes affiliate programs a bit more than Shoemoney does, but either blog will give you great examples of how you have to monetize in this day and age, as well as some sound advice.

Also, if you watch their blogs closely, you will get a heads up on great affiliate programs and advertising programs that may help you generate revenue off your blog.

Be warned though, that both of these blogs (especially John Chow), stray off topic, and can be a little “spammy” in nature, as they continue to do whatever is necessary to build revenue from their respective sites.


Performancing is a very strong, long lasting brand in the blogging scene. It is a multi-author blog, where anyone can post their opinions and have them widely read, but they only get on the front page if you are good at writing. Their standard list of authors are very knowledgeable and friendly, having helped me out in many ways over the past year.

Performancing is a community, and that is something hard to build. You can learn about link bait, search engine optimization, and many other very important aspects of blogging that some other sites don’t really give much focus to.

Daily Blog Tips

Daily Blog Tips will give you some sound advice, and a great conversation in its comments section. With an active community of people in the comment section of the site, you can learn much more than what is put in the already very detailed articles. I suggest checking out Daily Blog Tips for another view on the blogosphere, and some interesting advice, but more than anything, involve yourself in the conversation going on in the comment section of nearly every post.


45n5 will give you ideas, and ask questions which we should all be thinking about. Mark, writes very well, and has an interesting opinion on the blogging world, but even better, he is not shy in giving out advice, and ideas. The ideas that he tosses out are amazing, and if you have the drive and determination to follow them through and build something, Mark will be there cheering you on.

Also, Mark is one of the few that actually does video, and while this is interesting, and sometimes more helpful than text, as it provides context, inflections, and other visual cues, it probably doesn’t do as well in the search engines than if he had written all his thoughts out.

Mark has allowed me to join his Group Platform project, where I will be working on AltSciFi

Entrepreneur’s Journey

Entrepreneur’s Journey is a blog by Yaro Starak, a well known online celebrity of sorts. The reason you should be checking this site out is that it gives some entrepreneurial information, and helps drive any self-employment spirit you may have.

Yaro hands out some interesting advice, though I don’t like the posts done by other people on this blog, overall, it is still an amazing resource. With business information, passionate articles, and a bit of friendly advice, Yaro has done quite well with his blog, and I would consider it a needed addition to your daily reads if you want to stay passionate about online business.

Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips is a massively multiplayer online blogging related blog. Currently, one of the biggest MMOBRB’s* out there, Kevin, its owner, has done a great job bringing many personalities, points of view and types of advice together into one giant resource.

Subscribing to Blogging Tips is like subscribing to more than half a dozen different blogs, all of which are relatively high quality. The type of information, tips and advice runs from novice to expert, and includes some really amazing, writers, designers, copywriters, and many other backgrounds.

*MMOBRB – Massively Multiplayer Online Blogging Related Blog is a term made up by me to be funny, but I do think it fits well. Feel free to use it and adopt the term into our wonderful blog society.

Freelance Folder

Freelance Folder is a blog about being a freelancer, and blogging, be it for yourself, or for a blog network is very much like freelancing. It is very inspirational to read some of the posts done on this blog are done by freelancers, some very into the blogosphere. There are a fair number of really amazing posts on this blog, but they also point out posts on other sites that would be of value.

Definitely worth subscribing to if you are going to continue to blog, or write freelance for blogs over a long period of time.


Sure, there are other blogs out there that are great, don’t get me wrong, but with this group, you should be able to learn enough to make your blog successful.

Of course I also recommend subscribing to this blog, eXtra for Every Publisher, as I think my advice, as a network paid full time blogger, will be very different than the opinions found on the above list.

If you would like an OPML (file with all the feed locations) of the above blogs, feel free to download it here: Make Money Online Blog Feeds (right click and select save as..)

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