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The post below is me asking for help relating to purchasing an iPod Touch. If you aren’t interested in reading the post, please ignore it and move on.

iPod TouchI have wanted an iPod Touch for a while now, and instead of buying one, I have been paying down a car loan, working on this blog, paying bills, paying for bloggers on other blogs I wanted to build and sponsoring some smaller events like the Niagara on the Lake Meetup.

Now I am going to turn around an hope that others will help me out and sponsor the purchase of my iPod Touch.

How You Can Help

Do you have a product or service that I could help you sell for a percentage of the revenue? Please contact me and I can work with you on promoting your product or service in hopes that sales of it will help me get closer to my iPod Touch ownership goal.

Have you been looking for an advertising opportunity on a site like XFEP? We currently have inexpensive advertising options that allow you to get your brand message out, as well as helping my cause. Let me know what type, style, size, duration you want, and we will work out a deal or jump on over to PerformancingAds and buy an advertisement on this site, as sixty percent of the value of the ad will go to the iPod Touch fund.

Do you want me to blog on your site? I have blogged on over two dozen, highly successful blogs, including posts on the Blog Herald, Blogging Pro, Performancing, and many, many more. I have opinions on any and every topic, and would be more than willing to post on your blog as well as help promote the article in my social networking circles for what could be a great traffic boost. Contact me today, to negotiate the subject, time and price of helping you build your blog.

Have you been having issues building up your brand? Lacking the strong network connections that you know you need to get to that next level? Over the last three years, I have become friends with many absolutely amazing people, and if you need someone to introduce you to the bloggers that you know and love, contact me, and we can talk about building your personal brand.

Even a donation of $10 is 1/32nd of the total cost of the device.

iPod Touch - 8GB

What’s in it for You?

Other than helping me out, you’ll be helping me continue to grow and publish on this blog, as well as I will post about all those that help me towards my goal, including mentions in articles relating to my usage of the touch.

Not only that, but I am not asking for just donations where you get nothing in return (I will accept donations if you are that kind of person, but I am not expecting them.). I am willing to give up my time to help your blog, product, service, or advertising goals. I think my time, expertise, and the brand that I have built here are all great rewards for those looking to help me reach my goal.

Other Details

I won’t bother my readers with this again unless others commit to helping me, so don’t fret, I won’t be posting any sorts of nagging “please support me” posts after this one.

Why ask at all? I consider myself a very giving person and I was hoping others would be giving in kind.

And to be quite honest, my wife doesn’t allow me to spend my money on geek stuff. She actually gets very angry with me when I buy anything technology related, but is much more accepting when I am given things. Pretty much all tech that I own has been given to me by others, and is almost all three or more years old, except for my Dell laptop that I have to send back to my previous employer this week.

If I could find sixteen people over the next month in need of only twenty dollars worth of my services, advertising, or consulting work, I could purchase the iPod Touch without going into my normal pay, something I am pretty sure my wife would be okay with.

What if I Can Buy an iPod Touch For You?

If you can buy me an iPod Touch outright, I would be willing to negotiate pretty much anything within reason. Need twenty or so 500-word posts for a blog you are starting or trying to grow or do you need five to ten full hours of consulting on your blog or how about the 728×90 pixel advertising space at the top for the next three months? I can do one of the above, or a combination of each, or if you have your own ideas on what usefulness I would have in trade, I would be more than happy to hear.

If someone does decide to purchase an iPod Touch for me outright, I will still do all advertising, consulting, or blog posting promised unless the person that requests it would rather a full refund.

Just Want to Donate?

If you just want to donate to the fund, please use the Paypal button below or contact me for alternate contribution methods.

Originally posted on August 4, 2008 @ 8:46 pm

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