Stepping on Toes: Too Many Overlapping Blogs

So I work for Splashpress Media, and back in the day they acquired a vast number of blogs to build their business and while this was probably a fairly smart move on their part, it is, at least in my mind, creating a small issue: we now have too many blogs and services covering the same things.

Take blogs about Blogging for example. Splashpress Media has no less than four blogs totally devoted to this subject. There is the Blog Herald, 901am, Blogging Pro, and Performancing. You could even toss both Wisdump and Devlounge in there as well as they cover blogging related subjects fairly heavily.

Even worse, that doesn’t even include the nearly half a dozen other blogs that overlap into this same subject like the EatonWeb Blog and Blog Network Watch. Or our new ones that are still finding their audience like WordPress Philippines and Blog Tutorials.

It is starting to feel a little crowded in Splashpress Media when it comes to covering blogging and blog related pursuits and it has actually gotten to the point where it makes me a little frustrated.

I, personally, add content to the Blog Herald, and Blogging Pro. I was told that Blogging Pro was supposed to be “the source” for WordPress related news, as that is the slant and audience it has almost always had, but now I feel like I am competing against my colleagues on the other blogs. Who are, rather than helping me do my job, are trying to post as much news as they can on the Blog Herald to build it up bigger and better.

While I can understand that they want to make the blog they write on “the best”, it really steps on my toes and puts me in an odd position as I work alone on Blogging Pro compared to the dozen writers on the Blog Herald. They will almost always have the better odds when it comes to finding WordPress related news, and this is already apparent when you look through the last week or two of the Blog Herald as they consistently scoop Blogging Pro on WordPress related news and developments.

This is one of the issues I have been struggling lately, and it really ruins the enjoyment I get from my job having to compete against co-workers rather than working together.

While I am sure not many of you have had to ever deal with such a problem, as even most of b5media’s vast number of blogs have fairly well defined borders, I would still love to know what you all think of this problem. Have you ever had other bloggers “step on your toes”?

What do you think would be the wisest move for Splashpress Media in dealing with so many closely connected blogs?