Why I am Different

There are thousands of “make money online” bloggers. There are even more bloggers that talk about blogging, but I feel like I am different than most, and if you are looking for someone to add to your daily reads, I ask that you chose me.

No Make Money Online E-Books

One of the things you have probably noticed on around a third of the blogs out there like this one are the downloadable guides that will teach you everything you need to know about making money online.

While some of them are well written, the blogosphere changes so fast that by the time these people have compiled their thoughts into a document, the information is fairly useless. There have been a few exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, you can’t follow the steps that someone else took and expect to become rich, it just doesn’t work.

No Heavy Affiliate Promotion

Some bloggers will spend all day formulating posts, only to stuff them to the brim with affiliate links. The more people they get signed up, the more money they make, and the wider the divide between you, seeking knowledge, and them, “providing” the knowledge gets.

Do you want to fill their pockets with money, or your own? While I do promote affiliate products from time to time, I am careful in doing it. I support products I enjoy, and I usually note what links are affiliate links so that you can avoid them if you so choose.

While I am here to make money as well, it isn’t my primary objective.

Less Than Ten Ads Per Page

With cost per click rates dropping, CPM deals drying up, more bloggers are stuffing their blogs to the brim with advertisements. Do they really need eight 125×125 pixel advertisements on every page, along with two or three AdSense banners and one or two other advertisements?

What do you gain as a user from more than ten advertisements on every single post, page, and area of their blog?

I Have Experience

A large percentage of “make money online” bloggers don’t have any experience in their field. While it can be interesting to discover things with them, it can also be frustrating and misleading.

I have been a full time blogger for going on three years. I have written articles for a variety of niches for a variety of people. I have worked with Darren Rowse, Paul Scrivens, David Krug, and many other interesting and brilliant Internet personalities. These bloggers know who I am, and have, over time, shared some of their skill, knowledge and abilities with me.

While I don’t consider myself an expert, I am not just starting out in the industry. I have knowledge of the way things used to be, and how many of the important people got to where they are now.

Also, the experiences I have had as a network backed blogger is very different than many of the freelancers out there. I have had consistent full time employment, and understand what networks are looking for in a potential writer, server administrator, marketer, advertiser, and more.

I’m a Geek

While I have spent a fair bit of time writing, I also understand WordPress, PHP, web development, basic server administration, proper backup procedures and a variety of other technical aspects that sets me apart from many of the bloggers currently covering this subject.

Do you think most of them have ever really developed their own WordPress theme? Heck, most of them weren’t even blogging back when WordPress began. I’ve been using it since version 0.72.


There are many great bloggers out there, and they have advice that might help you, but I will tell it to you how it actually is. I am knee deep in the trenches, and I can see where things are heading. While I dislike “tooting” my own horn, I just wanted to set the record straight. I am different than your typical “make money online” blogger, and definitely worth subscribing to.