Zombies and MMO Bloggers

A Zombie post on a mainstream blog? It’s Friday so let’s have a little fun.

Zombies have become quite popular in our society as of late, almost fashionable. You know they’re popular when Hollywood starts pumping out Zombie movie sequels. Titles like “Resident Evil,” “Dawn of the Dead” and “28 Days Later” have brought Zombies from the B Movie genre to mainstream America.

A Zombie, for those of you who don’t know, is created by a virus that reanimates the dead body of it’s host. The result is an “undead” being in a mindless state with no other choice than to follow basic instincts.

Most zombies tend to act very similar to the other zombies, showing no apparent thought process of their own.

This zombie is the same as that zombie who is the same as the other zombie. After being involved in the MMO blogging niche for a while now, I think I see some resemblances, let’s see if you agree.

Make Money Online Bloggers

If you read my own blog then you know I have a bit of healthy disdain for the MMO blogging niche in general. Too many of these blogs are simply the same blog over and over and over just with a different theme.

They regurgitate the same posts, the same thoughts and pump the same tired array of products that everyone else is pushing. In my mind they almost look like they are going through the motions, alive but not really alive.

Kind of like a zombie. Would it be out of the question to compare your typical MMO blogger to a Zombie? Let’s try it.

MMO Bloggers and Zombies

  • Zombies have little direction, they just kind of wander around looking for a victim. MMO bloggers have no direction and they too wander around and look for victims.
  • Zombies feed on living flesh in order to survive. MMO bloggers feed on the desperation of their readers in order to survive.
  • Zombies are gullible. They’ll fall for almost anything. MMO bloggers are gullible as hell and usually end up spending more than they earn trying to make money online.
  • Zombies make no sense and communicate by grunting. MMO bloggers would usually make MORE sense if all they did was grunt.
  • Zombies are so desperate they would even eat their own parents. MMO bloggers would sign their own mother up for a recurring paypal subscription if they could make a buck.
  • Zombies tend to follow the herd and go with the flow. MMO bloggers would follow John Chow over a cliff if he told them they could make money doing it.
  • Zombies multiply by turning their victims into Zombies. MMO bloggers seem to multiply by turning their victims into MMO bloggers.
  • A Zombie is never going to have an original thought go through his head again. MMO bloggers check with John Chow first to find out what their original thought is for the day.


Ok so maybe some of these are a bit harsh but they are meant tongue in cheek. Like anything of this nature there is a bit of reality in each combined with a healthy dose of sarcastic humor. Before you send me hate mail, I AM a MMO Blogger.

The point of the article is that you don’t need to follow the herd in order to be successful. If you looked at a raging horde of zombies coming down the street, you probably couldn’t pick one from the other.

The same can be true for most MMO blogs. If you ever truly expect to make any money then you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Separate yourself from the norm and find a niche of your own that you can thrive in.

You need to find a way to be purple.

So before I go, I am sure I missed a few clever analogies, anyone have any more?

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