Grand Effect Grows Again with Three New Additions

Grand Effect has added three great members to the mix, bringing our total to the odd number of nine. We are likely only leaving one spot left open for the perfect addition to the network, so jump over to our contact page today if you are interested.

The big news though is the new members we have added which includes some brilliant, interesting, and powerful bloggers.

Joe Anderson of Webby’s World is a tech blogger from the U.K. His current site has been around since 2005. He is also a 9rules member, and thankfully neither network has a ban in place on being part of both, and I think that he has been selected by both is a credit to his blog and its quality.

Next, we have Steven Hodson of WinExtra. Steven is a self-described “cranky old fart” but his analysis of technology and the web is definitely not old. He will definitely be a fun addition to the team, and I have a feeling he and I will get along just fine.

Lastly, we have someone that I am a fan of, and it also helps that like Steven, he is Canadian, bringing Grand Effect to a membership that is one third Canadian: Mark Evans of Mark Evans Tech. Mark is one of the organizers of the Mesh Conference in Toronto, and the director of community with PlanetEye Inc.

I couldn’t be happier with the new additions, and I owe Sarah Perez a lot for organizing member submissions and whatnot, and the other members for their continued support and patience. I really believe we have one of the best groups of bloggers ever and I hope we can put that talent to good use.

Lastly, now that we have filled out our membership to a respectable level, I will be collecting statistics from the various bloggers, and working on advertising sales and helping support their various blogs. I have also set aside some time for members to come to me with blogging and WordPress related questions, as a service I am willing to give freely to them in hopes of making their blogs even better.