Grand Effect Member Corvida Interviewed

I just wanted to write a quick shout-out post to fellow Grand Effect member, Corvida of SheGeeks, as she was recently interviewed on Center Networks.

Corvida is definitely a name to watch in the blogosphere, and that is why we are glad to have her in the Grand Effect network. Her passion is quickly being recognized, and rightly so. Personally, it is always nice to see Grand Effect members continuing to do well. We definitely have a network of stars.

From the interview:

Allen: Is Facebook worth the $15 billion valuation?

Corvida: Hell no! lol Facebook is not with $15 billion. If it were, they wouldn’t have half the problems they have now. If they were, monetization wouldn’t be a problem. They’ve gotten too big for their own good and in the process I feel their value has actually decreased. Facebook was worth a lot more when it started out than it is now based on my usage of Facebook and why people joined it in the first place. What made it special when it first launched, that excitement is long gone, especially if you were apart of Facebook before the hype, like I was.

Check out the full interview for more information on her thoughts regarding the newest trends on the web and don’t forget to check out SheGeeks.