Grand Effect Member News Roundup #1

I wanted to try to start something new on this blog by highlighting the various things going on in other Grand Effect member blogs, especially now that our membership is pretty much complete at this point and time.

So here, for your enjoyment, is the first Grand Effect Member News Roundup.

The first good news is that both Sarah in Tampa and SheGeeks have been added to the very popular AllTop aggregation site. This, in my opinion is recognition of the hard work and great content that they have both produced.

gHacks lets everyone know that EA Games is going to add even more copyright protection to their upcoming titles in the form of a Securom protection program that requires internet access to validate your copy of the game, not only during install, but every ten days thereafter. This is a bit ridiculous and no doubt crackers will find a way around it just as they have with Windows genuine advantage and other such systems, but it is near and dear to my heart because Spore, a game I am very excited about will be protected in such a way.

It made me wonder what it would be like if blogs had the same type of protection systems, where not only did you have to log in to a site before reading it, but the site was so paranoid that you had to re-login every ten minutes. I doubt many of us would be able to make a business around those types of restrictions. Penny Arcade makes good fun of the security issue at EA’s expense.

ParisLemon asks for multiple account switching for Gmail and with the number of Gmail addresses I have for various things, I have to admit that his idea really appeals to me, though I doubt it would ever sit very high on their priority list. I mean, who needs more than one e-mail account with multiple gigs of storage space?

Over on The Last Podcast, I suggest you all check out episode seven of the Elite Tech News Podcast which includes two members of Grand Effect.

WinExtra makes a great comparison between Twitter and IRC, which makes me go “wow, so true” as I realize my youth was wasted on various IRC channels, and now Twitter has become the replacement for me as an adult. Scary, but true.

Joe Anderson of Webby’s World asks, how would you describe modern technology to someone from the 18th century? It really made me think, as even just describing my job to my parents has been complicated.

Mark Evans echoes my problems in a post dedicated to not having enough time on Mark Evans Tech. For me, time isn’t really the issue, but instead I suffer from lack of extended periods of focus. I know I can get a lot done, but it comes in spurts and short periods. On a bad day, I do ninety percent of my work in ten percent of the day. Maybe I just have too many time sinks in my life.