Grand Effect New Member: Regular Geek

There is nothing regular about geeks, but there is a great blog called Regular Geek, and I am very happy to see it join the ranks of the Grand Effect network.

From his entrant post:

Probably the main purpose of this post is to announce that I am now a member of the GrandEffect blog network! Woohoo! Thanks go out to Sarah Perez and the whole gang at GrandEffect. You will now see the GrandEffect bar at the top of the page listing all of the members of the network. I highly recommend reading all of them if you do not already.

With this, the network has ten members, and for now, I think that is more than enough. Sarah has been talking about “what’s next” as we go forward, and it seems like we will be working more on the Grand Effect network site, as well as working with PerformancingAds on bringing our network together in selling network wide ads, once they re-enable the bundled sale feature.

It is definitely an exciting time for the network as we continue to all build our brands, and pass traffic to each other.

Please help me in welcoming Rob, aka Regular Geek to the mix by checking out the site.