HostGator Live Support Review

So, I have been using HostGator for this blog for a while now, and they are just one of a few different hosting accounts I own, and by far one of the better ones. I am lucky currently that all my hosts are amazing, from the small Vortexhost I use to display my personal blog DavidCubed, to HostGator for this and other blogs to a shared account I have with friends on Mosso.

Here and there, this site goes down due to too many connections. I am not exactly sure why yet, but I jumped on the live support, and within half a minute, my site was back up and running again. They even gave me some indications on what could be causing the problem.

I am very happy, and very impressed, and I think far too many people only write about their hosts when they are unhappy. HostGator, you are doing great for me, so please keep up the great work.