WordPress Weekly Podcast Interview Tonight

For those of you tracking my every move, or just looking to get some questions answered by me, please head on over to the WordPress Weekly podcast tonight where I will be interviewed, questioned, poked and prodded for a minimum of one hour, starting at 9PM eastern.

Jeff, the host, plans on discussing a number of topics with me including but not limited to:

  • My work involving WordPress
  • How did BloggingPro begin. How did it go from nothing, to something.
  • Making money while blogging
  • Careers in blogging
  • Writing for and managing blog networks
  • Personal experiences using WordPress

I am looking forward to discussing these and other things tonight, and hope that some of you will show up to listen live, as well as ask any questions you may have for me.

For instructions on how to join the show, check out the information page that Jeff has put up, as it can be a bit confusing to use TalkShoe for the first time.