Promoting Your Blog with Blog Search Engine

Promote your blogOne of the trickiest things about online publishing, particularly in blogging, has nothing to do with content generation. Although everyone claims that content is king, the truth is that there a lot of blogs out there that have great content but never get more than a handful of readers each month, if any at all.

The problem in many cases is that these blogs are just not accessible or searchable. Let’s face it, even if your blog does get indexed in Google, what are your chances of making it to the top search results as a new blog? Unless you already have a very wide online circle, there’s no way that you’ll get that much traffic from the major search engines, at least until your blog gets older and starts to rank better. In the meantime, you’re still left with the problem of growing your readership in as little time as possible.

One way to help get more traffic to come to your blog is by taking advantage of niche search engines. Instead of having to compete with countless sites on mainstream search engines like Google, targeting the users of niche search engines will automatically narrow down the competition.

A good niche search engine for blogs you might want to check out is the Blog Search Engine. The Blog Search Engine is an easy way to promote your blog without having to worry about rankings and SEO. All you need to do is submit your blog details and pay the $14.99, which will get you a review from Blog Search Engine aside from getting listed on the index. Once you get the confirmation email containing your username and password for the search engine, you will also have the option of upgrading your package to get more links from other blog sites, and even have your banner featured on Blog Search Engine.

Just remember, once you start getting visitors to your site from search engines, it is your job to keep them; so while I urge you to work on the accessibility of your blog, I can’t emphasise enough the importance of having relevant and interesting content that will keep your visitors coming back.