Bring Your Website Into The 21st Century With These Tips

A great business website is never truly finished.  One of the most important elements of a successful business website is that it is malleable.  As technology shifts what web users expect to find, your pages should transform.  

Stay up with the times through regular research.  Start now, and read through a brief summary featuring a few design tips that will help to bring your business website into the 21st century.  

Make communication simple 

Today’s technology means that it’s easy to communicate.  Your business website should make it easy for consumers to make contact with someone in your operation.  

Build a simple “Contact Us” page.  This company offering lumper services for moving freight shows what a simple contact page should be.  

Consumers expect a swift response to their inquiries as well.  Aim to respond to inquiries within 24 hours of receiving the message.  

Always build for mobile

Mobile devices are a part of everyday life in the 21st century, and your business website should be built to accommodate the trend.  Every page should be built in such a way that it is easy for mobile users to interact and take in the information being presented.  

Research ways to optimize your digital pages for mobile access, and incorporate pieces of information you find.  Versatility is key, as there are a million and one different shapes and sizes when speaking in terms of mobile displays.  

Utilize the popularity of social media

You should be using the popularity of social media to the advantage of your brand.  Spreading the word is easier when you find a platform slathered in willing consumers.  

Do a little research, and pinpoint a couple of the most relevant social media platforms.  Set up a business profile, and regularly add new content to your station.  

Focus on loading speed

The speed in which the content on your business website loads matters more than you think.  Today’s web users won’t wait around for you to get your act together.  

Make sure your page loads within the first three seconds of a guest’s arrival, and don’t keep them waiting.  Compress large image or video files, so they don’t create lag on your site.  Research other ways to streamline your site’s loading speeds, spare web users the wait time.  

Mix the media on your pages

Use several different types of digital media to spice up your content.  Users will be more likely to engage if there are several different ways to do so. 

Originally posted on January 20, 2020 @ 5:09 am

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