Digital Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

Marketing your small business is a full-time job, and you’ve probably already realized that there’s more to it than a catchy slogan and pretty pictures.  Digital marketing requires at least a broad, surface-level knowledge of how the internet works and how people use the internet.


To gain a better idea of some of the foundational aspects of a successful digital marketing campaign, take some time to read and research.  Start now, and check out this brief look at a few of the most elemental aspects of digital marketing.


Social media sharing buttons


The magic of social media sharing buttons is that driving urge to use them.  Web users know exactly what to do when they see the colorful icons, and your content isn’t complete without the opportunity to share.  


Your business website is one of the most important locations for adding social media sharing buttons.  Add the icons to your homepage, like this example website shows, and any other high-traffic areas of your website.  


Email marketing nurtures a relationship


Use your business website as a tool to gather together an array of emails.  Use your email rolodex to nurture your organization’s relationship with past, present, and future customers.  


You can send out weekly newsletters to keep people in the loop on new happenings in your business.  You can use email to facilitate a follow-up contact after a purchase, and you can offer special deals and coupons via email.  


Master the art of SEO


Search engine optimization should be a regular part of your routine in digital marketing.  Once you are fully invested in the concepts of SEO, you will be able to build a full-circle cognitive picture of just how your content is received/distributed online.  


SEO is the key to ranking higher in the search engine results pages (or SERPs).  The higher you rank in the SERPs when a web user searches relevant keywords or phrases, the more likely that user is to click on your link.  


Optimize everything you create for mobile viewing


Mobile access to the internet is the most common way people are browsing today.  It makes sense that Google’s search algorithm is now tweaked to reward mobile optimization in the form of mobile-first indexing.  


One of the simplest ways to set your digital content up for mobile access is to include media queries in the coding of your display.  Media queries will adjust your content to the size of the display currently accessing the information, so you don’t have to worry about scattered texts and gigantic images.


Consider developing a mobile app


Mobile applications are all the rage in modern digital marketing.  Everything has a complimentary mobile app to make purchasing, browsing, and saving easier.  Your organization’s mobile app can be the host of a customer loyalty program.

Originally posted on August 31, 2018 @ 3:54 am

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