nextMEDIA: Trends and Tools for Monetizing Digital Media

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The fourth session at nextMEDIA was entitled, “Trends and Tools for Monetizing Digital Media”. It seemed to focus much more on the trends, rather than anything else.

Duncan Steward, Director at Deloitte Research, had way too much text on his slides, and that reduced my ability to really figure out the root ideas of his presentation, but he did still bring up some great points.

Duncan mentioned that content producers should not repurpose content for other platforms. It seems easy enough to do sometimes, but by doing so, you are compromising the benefit you could be giving to your user.

He also spent a fair bit of time talking about traditional media, saying that while we are multitasking and television has become background noise for many people, only recently has there been a shift in attention away from television, where people are spending more time on the Internet than watching TV.

Duncan also noted that the majority of the Canadian population still reads magazines (as high as 72%). I found that shocking in one sense, as I continue to hope for the demise of the traditional published work, but I do understand the need for people to hold the magazine in their hands.

He also made an interesting statement that I don’t agree with and that is that “generations are different, but not extremely so”.

Deloitte also puts out predictions every year, and Duncan gave us a look at their 2008 list which includes:

  • HD Content is past the tipping point
  • Traditional media starts tapping the online world more
  • Millennials getting bored of digital (18-25 hitting a digital saturation point).

A very statistic oriented session, but another one that makes the online world look better and better to the advertisers that were both sitting in the audience and the ones online reading articles such as this.