Sale Fever: First Blogging Fingers, Now One Man’s Goal

Of course now that Google’s PageRank update is over, everyone that can flip their site for a good profit, is taking the opportunity. Blogging Fingers recently sold for $6000, and now One Man’s Goal is on Sitepoint with a current bid of $6400. It is very interesting to see so many great sites sell long before they have shared the full breadth of their knowledge. Had Darren Rowse given up on and just sold it, I doubt we would all be talking about him so much today.

Here is some of the text from the sale:

After much thought, I’ve decided to sell my high-profile blog OneMansGoal.Com.

This blog is a true gem, and it is already causing quite a splash at only 4 months old. I’ll get into the traffic and the revenue a little later, but I want you to know how truly magnificent this blog is.

After only 4 months of blogging (I was completely new to the blog scene), I’ve managed to earn a PR4 and quite a few high quality backlinks. These backlinks include some of the biggest blogs in the make money online niche such as Problogger.Net and Entrepreneurs-Journey.Com (among many others).

I am selling the blog because I have a new project in mind that I believe will be a big earner for me. Rather than neglecting One Man’s Goal and it’s family of loyal readers, I’d rather sell it to someone who can give it the attention it needs.

I might be persuaded to stay on as a paid blogger if you would like. Also, if you need me to, I will stay on for a period of two weeks until you get settled and running smoothly (free of charge).

It will be interesting to see if this trend continues. The good news is that most sites, once they are sold, even if the author stays on for a while, the transition usually creates a drop in traffic. That drop, in my experience, can be as much as half, so that makes my work in rising up the ranks of this niche that much easier.